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Introducing MexConnect

The potential for digital health records is widely recognised – whether it’s patients ordering their own meals using a bedside entertainment system, doctors viewing patients’ entire histories from their iPads after hours, or even pharmacy prescriptions being sent and billed electronically. As an industry, we’ve been striving for fantastic outcomes such as these, enabled by integrated digital health records, for years. Unfortunately, however, the reality has been incomplete systems, massive budget blowouts, unworkable complexity and fragmented data. Until recently.


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How MexConnect overcomes the integration challenge

While reliable digital health records do exist, most healthcare institutions still struggle with integrating all their disparate systems into one. The inability to integrate is one of the key technology hurdles facing most healthcare operators.

This is where Mexia’s Mexconnect reference architecture & agile delivery methodology comes in. Built on the Microsoft platform and utilising Microsoft Azure cloud, this modern cloud based solution offers your healthcare operation:

  • An overarching view of every patient – Bendigo Health’s clinicians now benefit from significantly enhanced visibility regarding their patients’ history, current needs, results and future care requirements. For patients, it has meant improvements in the quality and safety of care they receive, as well as outcomes such as reduced length of stay and re-admissions.
  • Ability to integrate existing & new systems – with all clinical & hospital administration systems participating in an integrated ICT environment using industry standard protocols such as HL7, there is no need to replace all of your systems before you embark on a transformation journey.
  • Strategic Ownership of your Integration Platform – Maintain strategic ownership over your hospital’s integration engine will be key to continued flexibility, avoidance of siloed systems, and standardised messaging protocols between systems. Instead of allowing multiple integration engines to proliferate, all new healthcare ICT systems chosen by the hospital can connect to a single strategic integration platform.
  • Ease of implementation – thanks to Mexia’s completely customised delivery methods, we offer flexible engagement required to support your unique delivery and support needs.


Pioneering change with Bendigo Health

Ever-evolving, the Australian healthcare sector is facing an accelerated rate of change. Advancing technology brings new possibilities for patient care, budgets are shrinking and competitive pressure is on the rise. As patients take more and more control of their own healthcare journey, they have far greater expectations of their healthcare providers than they did even just a few years ago.

In 2016 however, Mexia successfully delivered a cloud-hosted integration platform for Bendigo Health that enabled their vision for a real-time Digital Hospital. Built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud, Mexia’s ‘MexConnect’ integration reference architecture enabled Bendigo Health’s clinicians to get a whole customer view of the patient by capturing, processing and retaining health information from many of the hospitals’ clinical and non-clinical systems. For both patients and clinicians, it means much greater efficiency, transparency and accuracy.

"We chose Mexia because of their specialist experience in Microsoft integration technologies, and for their ability to manage integration complexity in a health environment. Their agile delivery methodologies and high-quality documentation enabled us to meet our tight timelines."

- Bruce Winzar, CIO, Bendigo Health

Digital Transformation in Healthcare: Building a hospital in Cloud with Microsoft

Hear how Bendigo Hospital, Victoria’s largest regional acute care health initiative, transformed the way they deliver healthcare.


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