Introducing MexConnect Education

Imagine if you could proactively identify students needing additional support and coordinate the additional resources necessary to improve performance and contribute to a higher academic rating for the school. Imagine if you could provide students the means to effectively plan, connect, collaborate, research, and gain insight from others whether physically or virtually on campus. Imagine if you could use “on demand,” unlimited statistical and computing capabilities, and become known for research credibility, precision, time to results, and innovation?

These are the promises of digital transformation in the modern education sector. However fragmented legacy systems, long implementation cycles, confusing operating models and unworkable data centre complexity is standing in your way.

You need a new way of working, and a new technology platform to underpin it.

Mexia’s MexConnect platform unleashes the depth and breadth of the Microsoft Azure cloud ecosystem by assembling the integration, analytics and application lifecycle management services into one solution. MexConnect is a cohesive cloud-hosted technology platform that connects you with your customers, empowers your frontline staff and automates much of your back-office operations.

  • You’ll become more agile through the incremental reliability of agile project delivery and DevOps automation.
  • You’ll have true pay-as-youearn consumption pricing.
  • You’ll have visibility into your education services.
  • You’ll be digitally transformed.

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